Already entrenched in the safety arena, the Job-Site Safety crew realized that businesses needed another level of assistance to keep employees healthy.

“We saw a need for developing trained technicians to come on-site to take temperatures and monitor safe COVID practices for our clients’ workforces,” Arndt says. “We expanded our services to address the need of companies to ensure a safe working environment and this has resulted in the creation of additional job opportunities.”

The team of safety professionals has been providing contract safety services to the industrial and construction industries for more than 10 years. At first focused on the rail industry, expanded offerings prompted the business name change from its original moniker: Above The Tracks. The company has grown from nine employees to between 75 to 90 today. Arndt works alongside son Stephen S. Arndt and Justin LeBeau.

“Our mission is to continuously improve the safety programs and safety benchmark statistics of our clients,” Arndt says. “We provide monthly training segments to all employees to keep skills fresh and to keep everyone up to date with changes.”

Beyond safety, the team provides rescue services, including in confined spaces and at high angles.

“If someone is working on a water tower and is injured or has a medical emergency, we bring the individual down to the ambulance and medical staff,” he says. “Our rescue technicians use down time to perform mock rescue scenarios to keep their skills sharp. Detailed pre-plans are developed for each confined space rescue prior to entry along with hazard recognition and mitigation.”

Arndt says adjusting to a COVID business climate and cultivating policies already in place have helped keep the company successful.

“Even before the pandemic, we were very active in video conferencing and embracing the world of technology for our recruiting and hiring process. We realized the need to expand our talent pool to maintain our quality of service and meet our clients’ needs,” he says. “With 100 percent virtual training programs for new employees, we are able to reduce costs and track progress without compromising the quality of training.

“The current economic conditions amid the global pandemic have made business as usual anything but business as usual. We are embracing the times and thinking of ways to solve problems our clients may face.”


Job-Site Safety

3617 E. Highway 12 in Michigan City