At 18, Paulette Hill left for college armed with the desire to enter a traditionally male-dominated field.

“I went to pursue a degree in computer science,” she says. “I was so enthralled with the concept of computers and the evolution of technology that I didn’t even notice I was one of the few women in class.”

Hill opened Professional Information Systems in 1992, initially as a Sole Proprietorship and from a dining room desk. In 2000, she incorporated her business after experiencing growth. Today, she has a converted office off the back of her home with five full-time employees.

“We are a women-owned small business information technology firm,” she says. “We help our clients put the pieces together by incorporating software, virtualization, security and hardware products into a customized solution with support that does not end after the sale.

“Our goal is to continually expand our knowledge base and stay on top of new market trends.”

While deemed an essential business, the team faced hurdles during the initial days of COVID, including shipment delays and lack of product availability.

“We proudly serve a range of clients from our focus of federal, city, state and local government to small businesses across the United States. We lost some business due to the lack of government sales as the focus switched to COVID,” she says. “We also had to find distributors that were open with the products we needed to serve our clients, and we had to stay well!

“We used federal resources to keep moving forward and different tools in our toolbox to find business.”

Hill has always believed in perseverance and hopes to pass that perspective down as a role model to her five daughters.

“No matter what, we keep finding a path forward. Success is being able to sustain oneself. Success is the ability to adapt to an ever-changing market. Success is earned,” she says. “Always be truthful in a situation and transparent and trust will be given back to you. This is something that I told my girls growing up.

“My husband says everyday ‘Always shoot for the moon because if you miss, you still will land among the stars.’”


Professional Information Systems

Based out of Hobart