Setting and reaching goals are at the center of Moe Musleh’s aspirations for not only his gym members, but also for himself as an entrepreneur.

“I remember when my goal was 10 locations, but once a goal is reached, you continue to think ‘What’s next?’” says the Anytime Fitness franchise owner. “My future goal is to continue to open our Anytime Fitness locations, but also purchase real estate at every location, so we can create a great asset for our families’ future as something the kids can fall back on.”

Moe began in the world of entrepreneurs along with his family, starting in the grocery retail business with his father.

“We quickly realized that this wasn’t what we were meant to do. With the very competitive industry, we managed to get by and focus on our temporary plan and work our butts off,” Moe says. “Fast forward 10 years, we had saved up money to consider getting into something new. We belonged to the Anytime Fitness in Crown Point and we loved everything about it, so we decided to take a leap and look into the franchise.”

Today, Moe and his four siblings own 23 Anytime Fitness franchises with 10 clubs open and the plan is to have three more open sometime in 2020. The fitness franchise offers members access 24 hours a day with complimentary classes, tanning and Hydro-Massage Therapy and access to thousands of Anytime Fitness locations worldwide.  The team also provides a variety of one-on-one and group training programs, and the right tools to keep members on track.

“Our business is all about helping others better themselves both mentally and physically, as fitness becomes therapy to most,” Moe says. “When we first opened our first franchise in 2011, we quickly realized how helping complete strangers get where they need to be was extremely satisfying as they allow us to be part of their journey.

“We want our facilities to be an escape to capture special moments, smiles, and just overall help make fitness a fun, enjoyable and rewarding atmosphere.”

Fostering the family connection continues to be an integral component of Moe’s business plan.

“We enjoy what we do because this is a family-owned business. I work alongside my siblings and we love helping the communities that we belong to,” Moe says. “We hope one day our kids can run our gyms with the same integrity, passion and loyalty to the communities that we surround.”

For Moe, being an entrepreneur is also about connecting to the communities that they serve while furthering their development.

“We support our youth by sponsoring and contributing to sporting events as well as charities. We all have our own families and we want to be able to pave a great road for their future,” Moe says. “Being an entrepreneur has its hardships, but the flexibility of being your own boss can have its perks.

“True hard work and dedication show that you can overcome all adversities. Put your mind to it and work hard, never quit and keep pushing for your goals.”


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