Intercontinental Subscription Services

Lori Lake has been ushering the print and digital reading experience into the reception areas of hospitals, clinics, salons, public libraries and multiple professional organizations across the country. The popularity of digital reading prompted Lori to launch a unique program seven years ago.

“The digital platform is our new big product. One digital subscription to say ESPN is provided to over 2,500 readers simultaneously. A magazine issue is downloaded onto an iPhone or tablet allowing the patron to complete reading after leaving the site,” she says. “Our customers include Mayo Clinic, Franciscan Health, Great Clips and others.”

Since 1995, her Michigan City-based company has provided reading materials of numerous interests.

“Reading is fundamental,” she says. “Expanding one’s mind is a good thing, it is relaxing.”

She took over the company in 1995 when her children were small. While it was exhilarating, it was often demanding as much travel was necessary to prompt growth.

“I am a Registered MLT and Registered Nurse and have worked in several medical environments,” she says. “The quick, organized training of both these professions prepared me to think and act quickly to move the company in an upward direction. I hit the ground running!”

Lori credits a money-time saving magazine package program she had begun as part of the company’s success.

“Based on margins, we forwarded significant savings to our customers. No other company was doing this,” she says.

She developed a passion for business and earned her marketing-business degree.

“My goal is, when an employee enters our doors, whether they decide to stay or not, they will be more knowledgeable, better prepared and empowered to take on whatever it is they decide to do next,” she says.

Lori’s company offers a Babies at Work program. This allows employees to bring their babies to work up to 6 months old.

“When you are a new parent, on average, companies allow six weeks before you must reenter the work force. To me, neither you nor baby is ready for that,” she says. “The program allows valuable bonding time – everybody benefits.”

As her company evolves, she recalls how her children inspired her to provide the digital platform program.

“When the telephone rang, my kids shied away from talking. They preferred to communicate online and texting. It’s the millennial generation with quick moving development and incredible change. Digital is a big part of this change,” she says. “Students need access to books, waiting patrons and hospital inpatients appreciate the courtesy of interesting-updated reading. Digital decreases the risk of infection by not passing reading from person to person. ISS is one of the few companies providing digital reading within the patient environment and public placement.”

Today, her son, Lukas, is an integral part of the company.

“He is learning much daily in the business while I continue to mentor him along in his journey. Lukas lives in Portland, Ore., and travels to Indiana monthly to work with the employees. The remainder of time he works remotely,” she says. “As for me, I am actively working with downtown to help assist in its development as a Destination City. That’s my new passion and the business is Lukas’ passion, so it works out great!”


Intercontinental Subscription Services

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