Workforce, education, economic development intersect for impact

At the crossroads of workforce, education and economic development, Linda Woloshansky discovered her direction toward an impactful and successful career.
Most recently, she was part of the group that founded and launched the Center of Workforce Innovations in Valparaiso in 2000. She served as president and CEO until retiring in 2021.
“I must admit that I somewhat fell into the field of workforce development, but I quickly understood the power and agency of a job and the impact that skilled and talented people had on an economy,” she said. “I could see the intersection of workforce, education and economic development and how an entire community could benefit from each working in tandem.
“It was easy to dedicate my career to this arena as it is ever-changing with new and exciting challenges.”
Throughout her career, Linda worked in the private and public sectors, founded three organizations and worked extensively in the workforce development arena. She is the former president and CEO of Kankakee Valley Workforce Development Services and a founding administrator of the Discovery Alliance: a $15 million Lilly Endowment-funded initiative aimed at improving educational attainment in Northwest Indiana.
“My days were always different and there was never a dull moment. Each day would bring a new and unexpected opportunity or challenge as any business owner would understand,” she said. “It was fantastic working with so many different people and organizations and building relationships that have resulted in long-lasting friendships. I had the fortune of working with incredible staff members.”
Linda also administered a DOL/DOE national School to Work program in Northwest Indiana and was a national School to Work consultant.
“While I enjoyed working directly with employers, students and job seekers, I was grateful to be able to share the knowledge that I had acquired over time with staff and coaching them to help in their own success,” she said. “And the bottom line was always knowing people, whether employers, job seekers or students, were being positively impacted each and every day.”
A Sagamore of the Wabash recipient, Linda is a graduate of Indiana University-Bloomington with a BA in psychology and has completed master’s work at Purdue University, IU and Valparaiso University.
“Looking back on my career, being the CEO of two organizations that had an impact on hundreds of businesses and thousands of students and job seekers, was beyond any expectations that I ever had as a college student trying to figure out what I would do with the rest of my life,” she said “I consider myself a very lucky person who has received more blessings than I ever deserved.
“And while it may sound cliché, I am most proud of my family – my husband, daughters and grandchildren – and how they are contributing to build a better world.”