Monroe Pest Control Inc.

Third generation carries on fight against insects

Bugs have been part of the Wilson family for three generations.

Monroe Pest Control has been helping region homeowners and business owners keep insects out of their spaces for 93 years. The company was taken over by David Dewey Wilson in 1929 when it was Monroe Specialties.

“My paternal grandfather worked for a pest control company in Chicago when his boss asked him to head up a branch in Gary with the appeal of the steel mills being a potential large customer,” said Kelly Tichacek, David Dewey’s granddaughter and co-owner today. “It is here that he met my grandmother (Phyllis) when he hired her to be his secretary.

“My grandparents were offered the chance to buy the company. My grandfather chose to keep the name Monroe because it was already established but changed it to Monroe Pest Control.”

David Wilson Sr. was the second-generation owner and today’s third generation took the helm in 1998 when Kelly and brother David Wilson Jr. became the leadership team. Kelly has been hanging around the office since she was 6 years old, and cleaning and learning financial operations while in junior high. David was mowing the lawn and stocking shelves in the office during his elementary school years and driving a service vehicle at 16. They went on to purchase the company in 2015.

“When searching for a service provider many prospective clients will eventually select a family-owned business. We make that a focal point in our marketing and consider it a strong selling point that has been responsible for consistent growth,” David said. “The fact that we are also able to promote that we are currently in our third generation of family ownership just increases their comfort level.

“Internally, we enjoy a very positive family dynamic based on trust, which has been instrumental in the success of our business. It is invaluable to have multiple family members who are heavily invested, accept the additional responsibilities and lead by example.”

Beyond Kelly and David, the family-focused team includes David’s son, Nick, Kelly’s son and husband, Spencer and Thomas, David’s wife, Michelle, sits on the board and David’s nephew, Alex, is around when not at college.

Monroe employs 30 staff members and serves the community through fundraising and volunteering efforts. The team has consistently assisted The Center for Possibilities/NWI Cerebral Palsy and The Legacy Ranch along with many youth athletic league and nonprofit sponsorships.

“The best part of being an entrepreneur is the freedom or autonomy to set your own course. To use your knowledge and experience to develop a business plan that you know will work,” David said. “It takes continual commitment, oversight and adjustment but when it is successful it is extremely rewarding.

“I am extremely proud that we have honored our parents and grandparents by working hard to maintain the company’s excellent reputation and to successfully grow the business.”

3220 W. Old Ridge Road in Hobart