Journalist, writer, author

Writer’s words help bring business owners’ stories to life

As a writer, author, storyteller and journalist Joseph S. Pete pens the words that lead to more awareness and support of our small businesses and entrepreneurs in the region.
“With small businesses in particular, I feel like I can introduce them to the public and get them exposure as they open up. Business owners constantly call, email, and message me requesting stories,” he said. “It warms my heart when I hear an article led more people to discover a place or when my businesses frame my stories and hang them on the wall. It means something to them.”
Joseph is an award-winning journalist who has been at the Times of Northwest Indiana for nine years. He has spotlighted thousands of businesses within the pages of the Times as well as online.
“As a business reporter, I’ve long shared the stories of entrepreneurs: their dreams, ambitions, successes, and challenges. As the media industry has evolved, so has my coverage. In addition to traditional print newspaper stories reaching a legacy readership, I reach many readers online and through social media,” he said. “Our online presence allows us to connect with more readers than print ever did, and from all over the world.”
The Sunday Ins and Outs column helps keep the region in the know about the latest businesses that have come or are gone. He also covers all of the news and features that are imperative to the region’s business community and beyond.
“While I cover Fortune 500 companies and multinationals, I most enjoy writing about entrepreneurs and small businesses. It’s someone’s life. It’s someone’s hopes. It’s someone’s aspirations. Often, passion led them to open their business, whether it’s a store, restaurant, food truck, professional service firm, medical practice, coffee roastery, craft brewery or roaming cheese shop,” he said. “The passion often shines through in the interviews and it’s infectious. It’s something I hope to share with the public. I very much enjoy telling stories. I relish telling people’s stories.”
Joseph has written three region-based books: “Lost Hammond, Indiana,” “100 Things to Do in Gary and Northwest Indiana Before You Die” and “Secret Northwest Indiana.” He can be found promoting Northwest Indiana onstage, on-air and through publication in more than 100 journals.
“In a world in which chains and large corporations homogenize the landscape, I feel it’s especially important to cover local business owners who are the lifeblood of a community, who make a community unique, who give it its flavor and texture, its warp and weft.”

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