Precision Maintenance Solutions Inc.


Company leader invests in team, community for years of prosperity, positivity


A year into the COVID pandemic, John Vode invested in a new building to strengthen his commitment to his work force and keep them employed and engaged.

As a product and service provider to the manufacturing industry, the slowdown of business took about a year to trickle down to Precision Maintenance Solutions Inc. The team had hired four new employees in 2020, and the employees who were not working with customers were able to channel their talents into a new space by helping build a new facility and remain on the payroll with the help of an EIDL loan in 2021.

“I’m not sure that you could identify one thing that could define the success of Precision Maintenance Solutions, but I think one of the most important lessons that I have learned, is that developing a strong culture and understanding the value of investing in your employees amongst anything else has played a big role in our growth and development over the years,” said President John Vode. “It is impossible to be successful alone, our success at Precision Maintenance Solutions is a result of an amazing culture of employees, customers and partners.”

For more than 30 years, the company has been serving large manufacturers with a mix of offerings that help companies stay on top of their maintenance needs through a combination of skill and technology to have an optimized performance and reduce production downtime.

The team offers a range of complementary services, including temporary certified labor support for client operations, capital improvements for a boost in value, welding and metal fabrication, mechanical maintenance support, efficiency modeling and data analysis, retrofit and field installation of new equipment, custom fabrications, and maintenance technician training.

The team, which includes engineers, field technicians and analysts, has continued to grow and hit 20 employees in 2022, all while receiving continued education and training to cultivate a culture of expertise.

Even though he is a business owner, John has not really identified as an entrepreneur.

“I never really thought of myself as an entrepreneur, but I suppose I fit the bill. I probably find the greatest joy in having the ability to help others succeed, learning from them and supporting them as they grow,” he said.

“I feel that it is my responsibility to provide those who depend on me with the tools and the resources necessary to be successful. I don’t think the typical person that has a nine to five job has that luxury. It has been a true blessing to have this opportunity.”

Among John’s nuggets of advice to new entrepreneurs is to spend your free time helping others. His company exemplifies that as it is a partner with the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, providing resources to the artistic space as well as investing in the Crown Point Cal Ripken Baseball community, and providing support for Tri Kappa and Meals on Wheels of NWI.

John and his family are parishioners at St. John Cantius Catholic Church. John is an instructor at Purdue Northwest and an active board member at the Miller Beach Arts and Creative District and the newly founded H.E.R.O Foundation. He has served as the vice president of the Information Systems Student Association and a LEAD member of the Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest.

Along with engaging in the community, John advises entrepreneurs to stay active, stay honest and remain a lifelong learner.

“Listen more than you speak. Read more than you watch. Speak only of what you know,” he said. “When people do something well, tell them. Know that you are running out of time, and only invest in things that have value.”


Precision Maintenance Solutions Inc.

1086 N. State Road 149, Chesterton