Region ATA Academy


Martial artists kicks out the right moves for youth, personal development


Ann Coglianese has been busting through bullying and boosting confidence – one kid at a time – through martial arts lessons and teachings since 2013.

She is the owner and founder of Region ATA in Highland, and she owns the business along with her son, Nathaniel, and Carly Hogan. The trio was originally in a space in the Jean Shepherd Center in Hammond before transitioning for growth at their current location in Highland.

The team offers a wide variety of classes and programs as well as tournaments for all ages. For children, there is ATA Tigers to help instill lessons on how to follow directions and focus. The Martial Arts program for kids builds on a base of setting goals, perseverance, self-control and confidence.

Adults can join a family-focused program with their children, ATA Legacy, Black Belt, Leadership Life Training or Krav Maga, which teaches self-defense based on instinct and simplicity.

“I’m a dedicated Martial Artist, ready for any challenge and excited to learn better business practices, but Region ATA Academy grew in ways I could have never imagined before Nathaniel, my son, and I decided to grow our business and add rockstars to our team,” Ann said.

“The key to my success is my team. I do what I do for them. It brings me so much joy to find new ways to grow, learn and thrive with them.”

Ann herself is a 5th-degree Black Belt and certified as a Bullying Prevention Specialist. Nathaniel is also a 5th-degree Black Belt and holds titles in ATA World Championships. Carly has a 4th-degree Black Belt and has won two world championships.

Adding summer camp options and after-school offerings is all part of the team’s mission to ignite development of the younger members of the community.

“It’s all about the next generation: providing, inspiring and leading. I work hard, sometimes sun-up to sun-up, but it’s all for the mission,” Ann said. “The next generation is why I do what I do every day.

“For me, when I work to provide for others, I feel joy and pride in my work. I just couldn’t find that while working for someone else’s business. My excitement and creativity move fast, and I needed to be the decision maker.”

Ann said that any successful entrepreneur will have the backing and support of many.

“Get a team, a pack, a tribe, a village – call them whatever you want but surround yourself with greatness. Find mentors who will inspire you and support you.”


Region ATA Academy

2939 Jewett Ave. in Highland