E&A Jewelers

The sister team behind E&A Jewelers truly treasures the moments that they have a hand in through gift-giving.

“We get to be a part of the most important and treasured moments in people’s lives,” said Amy Perry, who is the A half of E&A along with sister Erin Lively. “Whether they are celebrating a marriage or engagement, anniversary, birth of child, special birthdays or graduations, they allow us to help them create or select the perfect piece to commemorate these occasions – what an honor.”

While the team carries all types of jewelry for all kinds of occasions, they have honed in on custom designs and unique pieces and gemstones.

“We specialize in unique, one-of-a-kind colored gemstone pieces and natural fancy colored diamond, which are extremely rare. We go to great lengths to offer our customers beautiful jewelry featuring gorgeous color,” Amy said. “We love anything that is rare and unique, which is why we place our focus on these diamonds and gemstones … these are some of the Earth’s greatest treasures.

“We are pleased to offer our customers some of the finest selections … beyond rare, beyond beautiful and beyond unique.”

Erin entered into the jewelry industry first 20 years ago, working for a Valparaiso store and learning all about diamonds, gems and jewelry. Amy joined her not long after to assist with a months-long sale at the store while looking for her first job out of college.

“Erin was able to develop a quick passion for all things jewelry and began building relationships with customers,” Amy said. “I also developed a passion for gems and jewelry, and we quickly found that we worked well together as a team.”

The sisters worked on developing their business together in 2017, officially opening in 2018.

“Being a sister team has added to our success because we are very aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We have a strong family dynamic and have carried that over into our business practices,” Amy said. “Most of our customers have become very close friends, some even like family. Being a sister team has also added to our success in the way that we were raised with really strong values, and we have the same beliefs in the way that we treat people and business.”

E&A Jewelers

74 W. Lincolnway, Suite 1, Valparaiso