Advanced Engineering Services (AES)

Through geotechnical engineering services, the team at Advanced Engineering Services helps construction projects literally from the ground up.

“Geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and inspection services for various types of projects are specialized fields within general civil engineering,” said AES President Akhtar Zaman. “For any ground-up construction projects, it is very important to test and explore the ground to verify that it is suitable to support the intended structures or if any modifications are needed.”

“We engineer the soil-structure interaction by sampling from project sites, testing them in the field and lab, and analyzing them to develop various geotechnical parameters in order to complement the design of the project.”

Akhtar said this specialization within civil engineering is what makes AES unique.

“No matter how well a new structure is designed or built, if the ground support is not properly addressed, the new construction may not perform satisfactorily long-term,” he said. “One important aspect most of us typically do not realize is that ground condition is different at different locations. Proper evaluation of ground support is essential for long-term performance of any structure.”

Akhtar found his industry niche after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and working at this focused type of firm. He arrived in the U.S. to pursue his Master’s in Geotechnical Engineering at Texas Tech University. He launched AES in 2018 with only himself as an employee, growing to nine employees today.

“I enjoy this field where each project offers different types of challenges and requires project-specific solutions,” he said. “It is a very dynamic and fast-paced engineering field where we play a vital role in completing construction projects successfully.”

While the construction industry did not completely shut down during Covid, Akhtar faced challenges of running a new business and the pandemic.

“We are thankful that we were able to continue to provide our services to our clients throughout this period. PPP and SBA assistance were very helpful for us to continue our operations during these hard times,” he said. “Our plan is to expand our existing facility to accommodate additional field and lab equipment/capabilities as well as hire additional talented engineering staff in the near future.

“We would like to establish AES as one of the premier geotechnical engineering consulting firms in Northwest Indiana and in the greater Chicagoland area.”


Advanced Engineering Services

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