Innovative mindset keeps filtration company on fast track to worldwide markets

In the lab at Filtration and Separation Technology International, experiments are leading to innovations in the industry.

“We think out of the box. We have always done things that way,” said Scott Yaeger, president/CEO of FAST International, based out of LaPorte.

The company works in the worldwide electrocoat painting market consulting and selling products throughout the U.S., Asia, Europe, Canada and Mexico. China is the company’s largest international market and customers include Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Tata, BMW and Audi.

“The electrocoat painting process is applied to the body of items from washing machines and farm equipment to outdoor electrical panel boxes and trucks and cars,” Yaeger said. “It’s why things don’t rust like they used to.”

FAST’s core offerings include filters that are essential to the electrocoating process to help with corrosion control. The membranes make sure the paint is the same from application to application. The FAST team recently helped the Ford Venezuela plant get back up and running by working hand-in-hand with the crew on how to install the filters and run the lines.

“It’s like a vehicle is dipped into a swimming pool full of paint. When it’s charged, the paint is attracted to the vehicle. Our filters treat the paint so it’s consistent from one to another to another,” Yaeger said. “If the paint particles kept coming out, the paint would be diluted over time. Our filters keep the paint solids consistent.”

The company’s latest testing is focusing on recycling and reusing industrial waste water that is a result of electropainting.

Yaeger said in the FAST lab, the team was able to process water at the end of electropainting back into high-purity water that can be re-used in the process. The tests were accomplishing the goal and Nissan was expected to send out 50 gallons of dirty water as part of a larger-scale trial.

“This could save each assembly line 20 million gallons of water a year,” he said. “Nissan is committed to a full-scale pilot system.”

Yaeger has more than 40 years in the industry and has been in every position from engineering and manufacturing to research and development and sales and marketing in senior level positions. He launched FAST as a filtration consulting company in 2004 and took on the worldwide distribution of Parker Hannifin’s Electrocoat Paint Ultrafiltration Elements in 2009. The design and manufacturing of innovative products has added to the company’s offerings over the years.

“We are creating new things. We are opening new doors and we are designing new products,” he said. “It’s exciting to be doing things that have never been done before.”


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