Family is prescription for pharmacy’s

success, growth, innovation

Vyto’s Pharmacy has continued to develop from founder Vyto Damasius’ desire to break free from the big box perspective.

“My dad opened our first store in 1989 next to Purdue Cal. He didn’t like the chain atmosphere and felt it wasn’t family-oriented or customer-oriented,” said Nathan Damasius, who works with mother Becky, brother VJ and wife Rosa to lead the business. “Everything comes back to the culture and values started by my (late) father. We see ourselves in the healthcare business, with the emphasis on care. As such, we will never sell tobacco or alcohol.

“When people come in to any of our locations, they are trying to improve their health in some way, whether it’s with medication, medical equipment, or an over-the-counter product. They need TLC … that culture and values set us apart.”

Since first launching in Hammond with three employees, Vyto’s Pharmacy has grown over the years when additional locations opened in Highland in 2007 and 2016 and in Hammond in 2012.

“When my dad first started, my grandma was his first delivery driver. She didn’t have her license so dad helped her get it when she was in her mid-60s. She enjoyed the job and developed friendships with many customers,” Nathan said.

The pharmacy still provides delivery service as well as medication compounding and home medical equipment sales and rentals. Staff members offer home visits to assist with diabetic shoe measurements as well as installation or repair of home medical equipment. They also offer no-cost medication synchronization, which bundles multiple medications and/or supplements in easy-to-use compliance packaging with same-time refills.

The family atmosphere extends to customers and the 41 employees.

“As a family business, our employees become part of the Vyto’s Pharmacy family. We have a fun committee that plans activities,” Nathan said. “When I came to work here after three years at a chain store, my dad put me back on the bench (working as a pharmacist) so I could become acquainted with our customers. It’s why we are in business. If we know about their lives, they may be more likely to open up about their medications, treatments, and ailments, and we can better help them stay healthy.”

The business is reaching a new level with a building under construction. The original Highland store will move upon its completion in 2017.

“We will have a larger showroom to showcase home medical equipment offerings on-site so customers can feel them and test them out,” Nathan said. “We will also have a state-of-the-art compounding lab. With new regulations coming out, we wanted to be on the cutting edge and be proactive, not reactive.”


Vyto’s Pharmacy

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