Children carry on tortilla maker’s

recipe of quality, tradition

Family, quality and tradition are all wrapped up in OM Distributors, which creates flour and corn tortillas, tortilla chips and tostadas under the brand name, Tortillas Nuevo Leon.

“We have always been a customer-driven company, always looking at quality and keeping that family-owned business tradition,” said Jesus Martinez, who runs the company along with brother Jaime and sister Olga.

Launched by Oscar and Maria Martinez in 1975, the business brought a family recipe to life.

“My parents always saw a need to have good authentic Mexican products in the region. Back in the 1970s, there really wasn’t anything in the region for ethnic food,” Jesus said. “My father worked 16-hour days for a company and he’d say, if I can work long hours for someone else, I can work and do it for myself. They had a dream to start their own business.”

The twin brothers and sister worked their way up, learning all facets of the company throughout the years.

“When we were kids, we learned the business from the bottom up. During summer vacations, we worked in the family business. My dad said, ‘If you’re going to work here, you have to start from the bottom,’ he then handed me a mop and broom. We had to know every aspect of the business,” Jesus said.

About 10 years ago, Oscar and Maria retired and the children took over the day-to-day operations with Olga as office manager and Jaime and Jesus as officers, overseeing production and managing employee relations. Today, there are about 40 employees.

“We weren’t forced into the business. If it’s something you love, you need to pursue that passion every day and I love what I do. If you don’t love your work, you will wake up every morning miserable,” Jesus said. “We are in 28 states and look to expand our territory soon. We just started distribution into Canada and that was a big goal for us.”

Jesus said being a family-focused business fuels their desire to succeed even more.

“When you are a family business, you are doing it from the heart. You know the sacrifices that were made, you get this feeling when you walk into a grocery store and see your product on the shelves,” Jesus said. “We are really proud of what our parents accomplished and we appreciate all of their hard work. They’d say to us, we got the company to this level, it’s now your turn to take it higher.  I hope they are proud of what the company has become.”


Tortillas Nuevo Leon

724 Hoffman St. Hammond, IN

(219) 853-1900