Pleasant View produces gallons of dairy products generation after generation

For generations, Pleasant View Dairy has been churning out such refrigerator staples as milk, half and half and sour cream for region families, businesses and school corporations.

“The fact is that some community members still don’t know that we are a local business in Highland since the 1930s and everything is processed and bottled right here,” said Pleasant View Dairy Vice President Bill Leep.

Additional offerings include orange juice, cottage cheese, non-dairy creamers and whipping cream that are distributed to retail grocery and conveniences stores, gas station markets, hospitals, nursing homes, colleges and school systems.

The dairy processes about 75,000 gallons of milk a week.

“We are a successful fourth-generation business in an industry dominated by national corporations,” Bill said. “We provide much more attention and detail to service to our local customers that is better than large companies working out of warehouses hundreds of miles away.”

The business was launched in 1932 by Nicholas “Bud” and Hilda Leep in 1932 and was passed down to sons Ken and Bart Leep upon Bud’s death. The business continued along a family path with Bart’s son, Barton, taking his portion when Bart died and Bill and Fred filling Ken’s shoes upon his retirement.

“Being family owned has led to our success by having a core group of employees (myself included ) who consider their employment as more than just a job but a path to the future for themselves and their children,” Bill said.

Today, third-generation family members Nick and Ed Leep are part of the team as well as Ken Leep III and Tom, Adam and Rachel Leep from the fourth generation.

“There’s always a little more certainty dealing with family members as they stay on the same track and their goal is what’s best for the company,” Bill said.

He has been with the company since 1981 and has seen it grow and develop to around 40 employees today.

“I have done quite a few jobs over the years, mostly in production through the plant. I moved up to the offices in 1999 and I have been doing administrative since then,” he said. “Truthfully, not every day is enjoyable, but as all business owners know working hard with a dedicated team to get through the tough days is what makes the ‘normal’ days enjoyable.”

The Leep family is looking forward to passing the business along to a fifth generation.

“My goals are to continue to grow our business with other local companies such as the Strack & Van Til stores and encourage the fourth generation to continue the family tradition,” Bill said. “We will continue to adapt and adjust as the business climate changes and we will do what is necessary to stay current.”


Pleasant View Dairy

2625 Highway Ave., Highland

(219) 838-0155